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August 22, 2014

The Importance of Your Voice

My take-away from last month's BlogHer convention was about my "voice".  Both my audible voice and my written voice.  The authenticity of my voice. The value or perceived value of my voice.

I met so many bloggers with a honed...specific...laser focused voice,  I came away wondering..."what is my voice?" Why am I blogging and do I even want to continue?

What exactly is a "Lifestyle" blog? Has mine become a journal of sorts with the occasional rant  thrown in?  It's certainly not evolved into what I intended it to be. For that matter, I'm not sure I had a clear direction in mind when I started this one.

Fairmont San Jose
The view from my gorgeous room at the Fairmont San Jose.

July 17, 2014

Reality Bites...or Tips For A Patient Advocate

My life is not all sunshine, wine tasting and roses... Oh, did I surprise you?

Tips on being a medical advocate

"Most patient advocates are women who have been through some kind of complicated encounter with the medical delivery system, either for themselves or a family member or spouse. “They know what it’s like to feel lost in the system."

July 15, 2014

Reunions in Napa Valley

We've just returned from another fabulous weekend in the Napa Valley.  The occasion was a 70th birthday party for a dear old friend.
I say "old" based on the length of our friendship, not his age...although I admit my perception of middle age resides on a sliding scale now.

traveling in Napa Valley

Our reunion began at Tra Vigne in St Helena. It's vine covered, rustic stone exterior set the mood for our fabulous meal. I adore everything about Italian food and coming here felt like a trip to Tuscany. Nestled in the heart of historic St. Helena, Tra Vigne, serves outstanding Northern Italian cucina crafted from fresh local ingredients.

stone lions at Tra Vigne

The entrance is flanked by two beautiful carved stone lions.

fine dining in St Helena, CA

I haven't seen my friend Silvia in almost twenty years and she'd probably shoot me for this picture, but it's the only semi usable one of us in front of the Lions.

great restaurant in Napa Valley

Pardon my "stork" pose. I refused to wear my walking cast for this trip so I'm hiding my surgical-tape wrapped toes:).

July 8, 2014

Patriotic Pavlova

After my latest sinus infection, my Doctor suggested I stop eating all wheat, dairy, sugar, beans and alcohol.

She called it the Allergy Diet...I called it... ludicrously impossible!
The no alcohol and no sugar restrictions were tossed out the window immediately, but the others I've been able to avoid.

We had the whole family for July 4th dinner last week and because of my new restrictions I needed to be extra creative with the menu. I hate making foods I can't eat!


Of course the star of the day was our cutie pie. There were copious amounts of  smothering fawning, over our grandchild James. I was probably the worst culprit!

As I started dinner preparations, he crawled into the kitchen to keep me company.  He's just learned to pull himself up to stand and found my maxi skirt most helpful :)) Such a brilliant child!

I gave him some wooden spoons and Tupperware... but he seemed much more interested in what I was doing. Lucy wasn't leaving my side either. She braved the beard pulls and tail grabs to stay glued to my leg.

July 6, 2014

Chivalry is Alive and Well

My daughter has been visiting for the last ten, happy, jam packed days. Sandwiched between the family events...we managed to steal away for several Mom and daughter adventures. Always my favorite!

We spent several days relaxing in the Napa Valley...wine tasting, laughing and generally eating our way out of our summer clothes:).

Napa Valley
Apparently we all got the white Fedora with black trim memo!

My sister-in-law joined us at Bouchon Bistro in Yountville, to help christen our trip. Crag legs, mussels, olives and wine began our delicious lunch! The atmosphere was bustling and fun, which got us right in the party mood.